In the context of the Van Waarde Internationaal research (Of Value International) on the refugee crisis in Europe, the Wiardi Beckman Foundation organises fact-finding missions to the different links in the migration chain from departure to destination, from conflict to integration.


Along the way we interview both local experts and people who work in the field, from politicians to volunteers. We discuss our findings with scientists, local and national politicians and experts in our think tank and compare it with available research. On this site you can follow our research through reports of our missions, interviews and interesting articles written by members of our think tank. The texts are accompanied by photos of our photographer, Werry Crone, to provide a visual documentation.

The research

The goal of the Van Waarde International project is to analyse all aspects of the migration chain including all involved institutions, organisations and people.

The research focusses on five key links in the migration chain:

  • Destination countries
  • Transit countries
  • Arrival countries
  • Protection in the region
  • Country of origin

Van Waarde (Of Value)

The Van Waarde research published in 2013 formed the basis for the Van Waarde Internationaal research. In Van Waarde five core values of social democracy were formulated:

  • Secure means of subsistence
  • Decent work
  • Upliftment
  • Bonding
  • Say

The three core elements of the research are the in-depth interviews, a literature review and the think tank consisting of experts and scientists connected to the project. The method of the Van Waarde research will not provide a clear list of criteria. It is a way of thinking and a way of discussing aspects of people’s daily life’s that matter most, which is different than budgets, policy briefs and evaluation reports.